Bike Controller

 I had  a need to make a bike wiring simplifier / controller for a Harley custom chopper that frequents my shed – the vibration on this thing just shakes most things apart-
Had a look at the motogadget m-unit – fell off my chair at the price and unnecessary blue tooth functionality,

Had a look at the NWT units – and the Axel Joost – but nothing quite fit the price point and the desire not to use custom controls/ or completely have to rewire them.

I wanted a general unit that would accept programmable input polarities from standard controls, and provide the control outputs with a few whistles –

  • Adjustable and select able Brake flash
  • Adjustable and select able indicator time out
  • Low bean modulator able to be turned on an off if enabled
  • The ability to use the Harley Davidson style button push left and right indicator controls -so the ability to latch inputs as well as use the standard on/off controls.
  • Select able gate function to enable/disable starter activation with side stand, gear selection or other input.
  • Kill switch / ignition power control’
  • Integrated power control – No relays other than Starter Solenoid / relay
  • ZERO power draw when off

Don’t need any Bluetooth functionality but  did decide to add :

  •  built in heated grip control – using the existing controls. –
    • programmable number of heat steps / enable disable
    • Short press of start button with clutch/gate switch deactivate – up a step ( cycles around)
    • Long press of start button with clutch/gate switch deactivated – turn on / off
    • Starter press with clutch/Gate active – normal starter function
  • 4 button control mode
    • instead of the standard controls – all functions can be activated with 4 buttons – in the recommended layout of an up and down button on each handle bar –
    • the 4 button control has a selection of 4 preprogrammed button function mappings that are chosen from the setup menu – but they are implemented in a simple mapping table in the code making changes / customisation a very simple matter.
      • button activations are  short press( < 0.6s) , double short press ( 2 press within 0.8s), medium press  (1-3s) and long press (3-10s).

I had a look at the re-settable fuse option – but it adds more cost and  complexity than its worth – so instead – used 30A Mostets with two main circuits of master fuse ( eg 2x10A) or you can fuse the individual outputs if desired.

 Its not as small or pretty as a motogadget – but it  is designed to provide the most  practicality –

Setup is via a simple serial terminal setup shown –set once and forget – but shows the options.

  • As it uses and Arduino Nano as the core – I will be making  the code available for those who want to add features of there own.
    • The software is written in a modular fashion and shouldn’t be too hard for people with some experience to follow.
    • The processing module chain goes  Wire_input_sensing -> Key maping (4 button mode) -> Function_logic -> Output drivers.
    • Generally a new function would be added in the Function_logic module.

Showing a possible setup on a bike – dash removed for simplicity

Showing 4 button mode setup on a bike – dash removed for simplicity