Bike Control Module


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Bike control module to minimize the wiring, get rid of relays, and remove high currents from the switch blocks.
additional features
brake flash, timed indicators, integrated tail light mode,
heated grip control, headlight modulator.

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A less expensive bike control module that implements all the standard functions similar to the m-uint or nwt X-21.
Accepts standard control inputs with selectable polarity and latching or press mode.
4 button mode for custom controls if desired with multiple function mapping.

Outputs for :

  • High Beam
  • Low Beam
  • Horn
  • Tail light
  • Left Indicators
  • Right Indicators
  • Ignition Power
  • Starter Relay
  • PWM output – Heated Grips

All outputs use 30A mosfet drive
2 Main fuse input circuits.

Additional features –
Timed indicators with programmable flash rate and duration
Programmable brake flash
Alternate mode for increased visibilty with integrated indicator + tail light setups
Heated Grip control (PWM)
Headlight Modulation (PWM)

Housed in a flanged aluminium box, with screw terminal connections.
Configuration via USB serial terminal

Additional information

Weight 0.275 kg
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 8 cm

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