More About Rae-San

The backdrop image throughout the site is one of my earlier builds – it was a CX500 that came in pieces – not enough pieces to be worth making into a standard CX.

So instead it got converted into the bike you see – named ‘Storm’.
The significant features were-

  • CBR600RR undertail exhaust
  • Engine was a 500EC engine
  • Turned aluminium cover inserts on the sides
  • VF750F footpegs
  • Marzocchi rebuild shocks with 7W oil
  • Custom built “collector” exhaust riser and modified headers
  • Cx900C fork stanchions with CB900C fork lowers to remove antidive
  • 32mm dual piston calipers
  • Hyosung GV650 Master Cylinder 5/8
  • Twin Horns
  • Trail bike headlight – combined with the thick gauge, MOSFET switched dedicated power run – amazingly bright!
  • SP7 from DanMoto dash
  • Entire loom was custom made to allow for high current runs to the horns and headlights
  • Headlight on horn switching via MOSFET and master and slave power via 30A relays
  • No high current through the ignition switch
  • Battery from 2 5VA 12V SLA batteries
  • Electronic tacho
  • And lots of little extra bits
  • Carbs rebuild, jetted at 90/120 via EGO analyser
  • Higher rate front springs and 15W fork oil

Painted in 3 coats pearl white with silver striping.

This bike felt really light compared to a standard CX and would lift the front wheel readily.
Handled nicely with the suspension setup – sold to fund more projects.

This is what it’s about.Passion to make what you want to ride.

I’m here to provide and share the tools I develop for my projects with you to help you fulfil your building/modding dreams.