ODB Bridge

The OBD bridge measures important parameters on your motorcycle ( or other vehicle) and makes them available over a bluetooth connection to various “Dash” or OBD programs.

It does this by measuring the analog quantities, and some on/off lines, translating these into the values needed and then looking to the outside world like a normal ECU.

To the software it looks like an ELM327 (the most common OBD II interface) connected to a standard ECU.

This means that pratically any Dash software product is able to ask for the data, recieve and display the results. The testing is done using Torque Lite and Torque pro as this is available at low cost across many platforms.

The system can operate either in parallel with the existing dash units – measuring and sending the data to a “terrminal” for display or logging, or it can also be configured to provide the power to the sensors for operation where there is no existing dash and the bluetooth connected unit is used as the dash.

Quantities that are measured by default –

fuel level(if available on bike), system voltage,coolant temperature, speed, tacho(engine RPM). with appropriate sensors additional measurements can be included – oil pressure, oil temp, throttle position andAir/Fuel Ratio.

On Off measurement is provided for high beam, over temperature, oil pressure low switch, Fan On ,Temp Hi and Fuel Low. ( or whatever in needed as the PIDS can be remapped).

All inputs are configurable in polarity, and the analog inputs have adjustable ranges, and 2 point curve corrections to allow for the widest possible range of suitability.

A number of sensors will also be made available to support measurement of parameters that are not supported on the original configuration of the bike. Available now is a an oil pressure sensor that also maintains the correct signal to the low pressure oil light. In work is a Throttle Position sensor kit and a capacitive fuel sensor adaptor.

The OBD adapator can be used to perform a variety of functions – from a basic sending of the data to a display to replace the original dash, supplementing the original dash with a logging system or both.

When equipped with an O2 sensor and Throttle position sensor – the logged data can be analysed to examine the Air fuel ratio against throttle openning against RPM for each gear – giving a full mapping of the Air/Fuel ratio and allowing for the fine tuning of carburetor / injector settings.

The OBD Bridge is designed to work with just about any motorcycle except those using CANBUS to talk to the instruments. Any analog signal going to the dash can be measured an sent / logged.