Welcome to Rae-San. The site and products you will find within are spawned out of combining my love of motorcycles and my passion for electronics design. I am located in Adelaide, South Australia – where it’s pretty well riding conditions all year round as it stays above freezing point – but it can get a bit warm if it hits 44 Degrees Celsius (112 F) in summer. My name is Ray and my day job is as an Electronic Engineer involved in the design and support of Airborne Lidar. I design, test and support the Airborne real time software and electronics. I hold degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Physics and Laser Physics, and Computer Science, so you can be assured that a Rae-San product is well engineered and tested, before it makes it to your bike.

On a series of work trips to Japan for my day job, my hands on approach and ability to solve the problems rapidly, earned me the title of”Ray San” by my Japanese colleagues. “Ray” being my name and San being both “Mr” in Japanese and a title of respect.

The first module I designed for release was the CDI-Power Supply and this was referred to by fellow bike enthusiasts in the forums as the “RayModule” despite my best attempts to give it a more explanatory name.

The combination of designing electronics for vintage Japanese Motorbikes, my trips to Japan andmy name all combined, and Rae-San was born.

Rae-San is my method to share the products I develop,  fuelled by my passion for riding and creating stuff, with others who are similarly passionate about older bikes, so that we can keep them going strong into future, rather than end up on the scrap heap.

 This is what it’s about. Passion to make the bike that you want to ride.

I’m here to provide and share the tools and knowledge I develop from my projects with you,  and hopefully to help you fulfil your own building dreams or just to help keep these old bikes alive into the future.