Dyna S Rae-San Adaptor

Uses an existing DYNA S ignition sensor plate and rotor to generate the timing pulses to feed into
A RAE-SAN TAI ignition driver.

The drastically lowers the current through the DYNA S pickups – removing the chance of burning them out.

It gives additional features
Programmable Ignition Advance Curves – 4 select-able
Dwell control – avoids coil overheating and improved spark at high RPM
Programmable RPM Limit – with the advance curves
Easier Starting  – Dwell is extended during cranking to fire later giving reduced kick back
Coil Protection -if engine stops on a trigger – coil will be disabled after 20mS
Delayed startup – 2 revolutions required before spark starts  to ensure lubrication.

Comes in a waterproof metal box with harness to pretty much plug and play.

Any bike with a current Dyna S system can be catered for.

Note that the timing rotor needs to locked in position.