This is the CXF -its a CX650 Euro Frame – CX500 engine, and several bits of VF750. Essentially its a lets see what I can put together with the bits I’ve got left over in the shed! So below you can see the original frame forks and wheels for the 650.

20130331_102027 (Small)

Below you can see what happens if you leave me alone with an angle grinder for too long. Note the non CX shock fitted – this was a bit poor in that the spring was obviously rusty and had been white heatshrinked over!

20130331_105501 (Small)

  • Drilled the Rear Disk – so it matches the fronts.
  • Modified Cam cog arrived and awaiting installation in the engine
  • Made up fan mounts for the electric fans on the radiator

 20130522_165625 (Small)

Here you can see a mock up – the forks are loose in the headstem as at this stage I hadn’t yet fitted the new tapered bearings and converted the triple over to VF1000F forks – this needed the stem swapping from the CX into VF1000F top and bottom triple clamps.Also note the new rear end to the bike – the long tray that holds the exhausts will hold the battery and other electrical items -The  flex tube is for experimenting with the exhaust routing.I have an idea for the exhaust routing – but had to source a pipe bender – I was able to find an old strong English made one locally at a good price – some work with the wire brush and a coat of paint and good as new.

20130812_191023 (Small)

This bike has two set of wheels – because I can …The first is as seen above – the silver outside black centre wheels are standard a CX650 rear wheel and a VF750F front wheel fitted with drilled CX500 disks. ( the thick ones from the single front brake version)

Theres also a set of “BLING” wheels as shown to the left. These are a vf750f front wheel and a hybrid rear.
The Rear wheel is a cx650 shaft driven Hub – fitted into a VF750F rear rim. This  gives an extra 0.5″ of rim width at the rear for wider tyres.
Yes both comstars were disassembled, drilled out to 8mm from 7 and reassembled using aircraft grade stainless bolts, locking nuts and  locktite.

20130620_104608 (Small)

Shown above is a quick scribble of the concept shape as to where Its headed – Alright, I’m not an artist.

 November 2015
Ok lots of activity has happened on this one – albeit slower than Id like.
This bike has been acting as the test bed for the CX CDI and Hall effect ignition developement  – so its seen many different setups – CDI coils, 12V coils, TAI, CDI, stock pickups and Hall effect setups.
Things that have been done – to list but a few :
  • Rebuilt mono shock – cb600 unit
  • Rebuild back end as seen above with Harley exhausts
  • Hugger built and fitted
  • Disk brake setup fitted
  • Rear sets bought, fitted and adapted. This is a big one as the CX gearshift acts in the wrong plane for a normal gearshift – a simple arrangement had to be devised that would allow for the operation of the gearshift without undue complexity – several iterations and refinements were gone through before the  final  solution was arrived at –
  • build the exhaust from header to the mufflers  – the over and through arrangement was abandoned due to there being insufficient room to get the exhaust past the carbs and instead I routed up through between the engine and  the swing arm and around the mono shock.
  • While in the US I visited with Murray F and got a set of Murray’s Carbs – part of the reason for the above change
  • This engine was a TAI engine – but is currently configured with CDI pickups and Hall effect so it can run either for testing.
  • A retarded cam gear has been fitted to give more HP but at about a 500 rpm increase in RPM
  • Fabricated the chin fairing mounts
  • fitted the vf1000F forks / triples etc.
  • Numerous parts sent to CXPHREAK for polishing in a contra deal …
  • Fabricated tail / number plate holder
  • Indicators , taillights, dominator twin chrome headlight fitted
  • New electronic dash and temperature gauge fitted
  • Completely new wiring harness build – relay switching of horn, high low beam
  • Rae-San ignition fitted
  • tail section frame built.
  • clip-ons fitted, new mirrors, braided lines,brakes rebuild etc.
  • Electric fans fitted / electronic thermostat fitted.
  • wrapped exhausts.

To Do

  • Finish Tail hump.
  • Get rubber boot for the shaft to engine coupling.
  • Build seat.
  • Decide upon / build tank
  • Paint.

As they say – “this thread is useless without pictures”

so currently –






 Now Still trying to resolve the tank –
here’s a standard CX shadow tank :


I’n not really keen on all that space – and the angle – I’m leaning towards something more like this –



 It hugs the radiator and comes down lower near the heads – flowing better into the seat and tail – but of coarse means I need to built the tank – thats a hollow top from a sabre ….