Well – I’ve been busy on many fronts and its time to get around to some updating here –

As can be seen elsewhere on the site – the CX Hall effect has been completely re-done from the original concept – I decided to re-examine the problem and the design based upon everything learnt on the way and apply this to a new design – trying to simplify everything in the process.

This resulted in the new CX HALL effect design for CDI that has just been released.

Of course you cant stop there – some of the lessons were applicable to the 12 V TAI setups – so  a rewrite of this code happened – and the Hall effect / TAI versions were born.

Having done this – hmm I think I can rework the VF module to tackle a minor issue there -……

So what have we done –

  • completely redesigned the CX CDI and HALL solution –
  • created a new TAI CX solution using the HALL setup
  • reworked the VF setup to use the new Code structures – with improved performance.

Now on the bench

  • the prototype Fuel sensor is about ready to be built ….
  • I’ve done some preliminary testing on a setup for another bike that I’m not at liberty to say too much about yet – but I’m installing it on Friday for a permanent test.

I’ll try and add updates into each of the bikes in the next few days also as with some upgrades it now easier for me to update the website myself.