HALL TAI Ignition Module


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Uses a supplied replacement Hall Plate and Rotor to generate the timing pulses to feed into A RAE-SAN TAI ignition driver. Replaces points or pulsers with a fully electronic system. Provides additional features: Programmable Ignition Advance Curves/Rev limits – 4 selectable Dwell control – avoids coil overheating and improved spark at high RPM Programmable RPM Limit – with he advance curves Easier Starting  – Dwell is extended during cranking to fire later giving reduced kick back Coil Protection -if engine stops on a trigger – coil will be disabled after 20mS Delayed startup – 2 revolutions required before spark starts  to ensure lubrication.   PLEASE PUT BIKE YEAR AND MODEL IN COMMENTS

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Standard (5ms), Short (3.5mS), COP (2mS)

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