CX CDI Hall/Stock Ignitions


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Ignition Modules for CDI CX 500

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New CDI Ignitions for you CDI Cx500 (78-81)

Select from:

  1.                 Short HALL Effect Kit for CDI CX500 (CX_HALL_CDI-S)
  2.                 FULL HALL Effect Kit as per 1 with DC-CDI (GY6) included. (CX_HALL_CDI-GY6)
  3.                 Short CDI Kit to reuse the STOCK Pickups (CX_STK_CDI-S)
  4.                 Full STOCK Pickup Kit as per 3 with DC-CDI(GY6) included.(CX_STK_CDI-GY6)
  5.                 HALL Effect Pickup Setup for Ignitech (CX_HALL_IGN-S)

all varieties are now made  with  flying leads to allow self termination to the connector of your choice.


  • Operates of 12V only – works if the CDI power coils are dead.
  • Provides electronically adjusted advance.
  • Provides 4 difference Advance curve selections.
  • Default Advance Curve as for the TAI bike – Improved drivability and torque.
  • Provides Hall Sense and output fire indication LEDS.
  • Fully electronic.
  • Contains two completely independent circuits – one for each cylinder/pair to provide fail safe redundancy.
  • Provides higher spark energy than original CDI.
  • Provides Electronic Tacho drive output.
  • Existing CDI kill switch functionality is retained.

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