Ok – there’s a visitor in the shed –
Its here for fitting of the prototype and then some testing –











More work with the CB DOHC – Have added a couple of features to the code now that will roll into the CX TAI and the VF.

  • Tighter Dwell control through a new dwell calculation
  • Dwell Limiting – once maximum dwell is reached – the coil is fired – this is important for the CB as it has a habit of stopping between the start and stop triggers – leaving the dwell on. So this feature avoids the current drain and protects the coils – most other bikes (V formats) have lumpier cams and dont tend to stop here.

So the new code is running on the DOHC – awaiting recoating of the board and road test.
IT has been ported over to the CX, and the VF – the VF is running just needs a road test.

I also have a port to the legacy CX TAI done but not engine tested.

not too bad for this week.


Sucessfull first 20km ride through some twisties on the CB750 dohc chopper

Tested the new code on the v45s (stormtrooper) today to work and back – no detected issues – runs as before but with the new features built in – all good so far.