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Fuel Sensor

Under Development -Electronics designed. Code to be written
The concept is a generic replacement calibrate-able fuel sensor.
Uses a  pair of capacitive element controlling the frequency of an oscillator to determine the fuel level.
This is corrected for temperature variation and fuel composition (water or ethanol contamination) by the use of a reference element and a measurement element.Calibration is carried out by filling or draining to the required levels and connecting some jumpers - a micro is used to measure the frequency of oscillation against temperature and level and produce a compensated output through PWM scaled to drive most standard gauges.

Currently has diverted into a Fuelbot approach for fuel injected bikes -

that is measuring the injector accumumlate open time and hence the fuel flow from full tank.
This also allows calculation of the fuel economy and range to empty etc.

This is about to undergo testing on the bike -