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LS2 Coil Driver

Connectors and adaptor electronics - 2 channel kit.

Adapts output from TAI (12V coils) to drive LS2 Truck intelligent coils -for serious spark.

Adaptor takes 2 inputs to drive 2 or 4 outputs for coils - eg 2 cylinder needs 2 outputs, 4 cyclinder needs 4 as each LS2 coil only fires to one plug.

Dwell is still controlled by the normal ignition controller - up to the maximum allowed by the LS2 driver coil - around 12mS or so.

This adaptor should work with any system ( apart from points) that drives two 12V coils.
If the system has 2 dual output coils  as stock- then the 4  output option is needed.
If the system has 2 single output coils as stock - then the 2 output option can be used ( or the 4 - just dont plug one of each pair in).

Note - I do not supply the LS2 coils - these can be more easily gotten in your own country - with far less shipping expense.


Just to show how they go together - MSD Ls2 coils