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SpeedFlip Controller

This ones a hypothetical ....

Similar to to the speed flip number plate - a servo motor can be used to raise and lower the number plate when required.

Ususally this system is a manually operated system with a button on the bars ...

The idea here is to make an automated system that only activates if ABSOLUTELY necessary, ie approaching a speed / redlight camera at more than the speed limit.

The primary use it to provide a warning - in the event of a lapse in concentration.

In Garming GPS is used to provide the speed zone warnings, overspeed and camera locations.

DTMF tones are added to the custom POI announcements to signal to the controller the zone information, which is recevied and decoded by the controller. The controller also has a speed sense connection to accurately measure distance and speeds from the warnings, as well as timer events.

All of this feeds into a state machine used to work out where and how fast you are going in relation to the camera and if a countermeasure soulf be activated...

A small OLED display reports spped / state and warnings.

Code Written and prototype board build - soon to undergo testing / evaluation.

prototype controller

flip side