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Rae-San Dash Meter

Dash meter with glass and needle on - glass and needle not supplied - reuse existing.

The Rae-San DashMeter is designed as a modern electronic replacement for original motorcylce gauges.

I t provides a stepper motor dviven needle indication of speed or RPM (configurable) that is able  to be adjusted to suit the original faceplate and graduations on the faceplate, providing a means to update and replace the old gauge mechanics but maintain the original look of the dash and to use the same gauge mounting buckets.

The gauge re-uses the faceplate, needle and glass, but everthing else is new and electronic.

In addtion to the needle movement it provides two OLED displays that are configurable by the user to provide displays of several quantities.

The Gauge is able to measure and display the following quantites.

Fuel, Coolant Temperature, Oil Pressure (with appropriate sensor) Speed, Tacho (RPM), Odometer, Tripmeter, Clock ( with optional clock module), System voltage and Gear selected (calculated from RPM/speed).

The Gauge supports 4 profiles, and each profile allows for 4 display configurations - which are able to be cycled though with button presses. Supplied with a base set of profiles to support common bikes.

Support for two buttons is provided - for clock setting, display cycling, trip reset and acitvation of programming or check mode.

All inputs are configurable allowing for differetn sensor input ranges, wheel cricumference adjustment, correction of the gauge and sensor non-linearity etc.

White Backlighting is provided to allow for faceplate illumination. OLED display is white to allow for daylight readability.

Gauge configuration is performed usb connection using a simple ANSI terminal (such as Putty).

The gauge is avaible in a number of sizes to suit the faceplate and gauge bucket diameter of a large range of motorcycles.

For those wishing to completely replace the orignal gauge cluster, 3d printed outer housings (gauge buckets) and diagnostic light clusters are also available to support building a custom dash.


Dash Gauge inser as supplied but without wiring - as supplied has connectors fitted

With Glass and needle - but shows connectors

The first section of this shows a setpu using the dash meters on my test bike - and then moves into its primary purpose of the OBD Bridge.

An example of the complete configuration of a dash gauge. A bit lengthy and will probably seem complicated - but once you get the hang of it its quite simple.