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Ignition Module for VF Series of Motorcycles

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New replacements for the OEM ignition modules for the VF series:

VF500F/C, VF700S/C, VF750F/S/C, VF1000F, VF1100S/C

Please specify the actual model in order comments.


  • Provides electronically adjusted advance.
  • Provides ability to choose from 4 standard advance profiles for the bike chosen.
  • Provides adjustability of the profiles via reprogramming.
  • Provides 2 stage RPM limit – progressively retards timing over 2000 rpm – then stops firing  >2000 rpm over selected limit.
  • Provides pre-set RPM limiter to protect your engine.
  • Fully electronic.
  • Contains two completely independent circuits – one for each cylinder/pair to provide fail safe redundancy.
  • Provides power cut-out to protect ignition coils in the event of stalling.
  • Provides higher spark energy than original due to 0.25 ohm output resistance driver.
  • Able to suit Coil On Plug (Stick Coils) wired in series pairs.
  • Existing kill switch functionality is retained.
  • Dwell limiting – provides coil protection for any stop position

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