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12 Volt TAI Coil


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12V TAI Ignition Coils for use on CDI CX Bikes to replace OEM coils when using a Rae-San Ignition Module.

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12V Coils Suitable for use on 78-81 CX500 bikes, with a Rae-San Ignition Module, to convert the CDI bike to a 12V TAI type system.

 78-81 CX500s which use CDI type coils need to have 12V coils fitted to convert to the all 12V system.

The Required coils need to be 3-5 ohms in Primary side resistance. There are a number of suitable coils available, however the least expensive ones of suitable quality that I have been able to locate are manufactured by EMGO.

Note that 7mm Copper core Ignition wire is also needed.

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