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CB DOHC Hall Effect Ignition

┬áTesting –

Currently on the bench and in the shed –

Revised code to add a couple of features that seem to be needed here –

  • Modelled and modified dwell control scheme to give tighter control on the dwell interval
  • Added dwell timeout protection as it seems the cb has a nasty habit of stopping in the middle of a dwell cycle

The test bike has a set of 2.5 ohm high output coils fitted rather than the standard so this is a good test setup.

these new features will roll across into the CX/GL TAI ignition and the VF also

Just did a quick road test tonight –

20km successful first ride through the twisties on a chopper !

Tested the new code on the v45s (stormtrooper) today to work and back – no detected issues – runs as before but with the new features built in – all good so far.